January 29, 2016

Why a 4-Day Schedule?

A note from Elissa Reade about why a 4-day school week:

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Spending quality time with my family is my absolute favorite part of life.

This is the reason that Meridian Academy has created a four-day school week. 

Life is so busy with activities and responsibilities and we all could use a day where nothing is pressing and we can just be together.  Most often weekends are spent in sporting activities, birthday parties, and religious worship.  Fridays without school can be a time for families to read great books together and have amazing discussions that will strengthen devotion to good morals or just satisfy an interest.

Every parent is passionate about something and Fridays are a chance to share that passion with your children. I have a passion for seeing and going to new and interesting places.  Years ago when I was homeschooling we had a Friday field trip tradition.  We went all over San Diego and Los Angeles exploring museums, parks, missions, zoos, and attending musical and theatrical productions.  It was so fun!

Another year we spent Fridays studying American history. We spent hours reading history stories, one of which was Uncle Tom’s Cabin. We built civil war battlefields, discussed what freedom and discrimination meant, dressed up as Abraham Lincoln and read his biography, made Louis and Clark journals and visited the IMAX to watch a fabulous movie about the two adventurers. This is a time period that I am passionate about and wanted to share with my children. Had I not had the time because of school and homework, music lessons, sports, and social gatherings we would not have the precious memories of exploring and learning together, something that unites our family.

Meridian Academy is a dream school schedule come true!  We support parents in creating wonderful memories and having not only quality but quantity time to create those special memories that will create the strong family ties that keep families united through the tough times of life.

I love childhood, that short time of life where they are so excited to learn!  It is a precious time, so unique, so inspiring, and so sweet. This is why Meridian Academy has a 4-day school week.