December 12, 2016


Meridian Academy is a wonderful part of our lives. We started attending because we were looking for a compassionate environment for our sensitive child — we got that and so much more! Not only do both of our children feel safe, they feel important. The teachers love them and their fellow students wholeheartedly! I’m so impressed by it. These teachers care so much. They are so patient and kind…and fun.

Our kids come home talking about geography, history, international relations, artists & scientists. They learn so many skills in the school play and at the concerts the school puts on. I’m completely impressed with the education the school provides as well as the acceptance the children feel. We love Meridian!!  

~ Eleanor Potter

We LOVE Meridian Academy! This is our second year here, currently with a 1st and 3rd grader, and we feel so lucky to have found a school that truly fosters a love for learning and individuality of each child. My oldest had a really hard time in traditional schools and never wanted to go. It was a fight every day. Now she is always so excited. The small class sizes, the nurturing environment, the kids’ ability to explore and be themselves is amazing. All of this equals successful students who crave learning. For me, as a mom, to see that light in my child’s eyes, it makes all the difference. I tell all of my friends, ‘it’s changing the course of my children’s lives.  It’s true!

~ Erin Colby

We struggled to find a school for our son that would fit with our core values and vision for his education.  We went to many private school open houses and it was thru a random conversation that I overheard about a new school called Meridian Academy.  We went to the open house, hearing their core values, vision for our precious children and learning styles they accommodate – we knew we found the perfect fit.  My son is excited to go to school each day and loves his teachers.  He comes home excited to tell us things he has learned.  There are times that we are shocked at the random facts that he has learned and shares from the monthly educational theme.   The school is amazing.  The teachers are amazing.  The education my son is getting is amazing.

~ Christine Bailey

We are new to Meridian Academy this year. My husband and I made the decision to send our boys to Meridian because the public school system was slowly breaking them down. They came home stressed out and grumpy on a daily basis. The constant testing and cattle mentality was chipping away at their beautiful personalities. Children should not have to survive school; they should be able to express their opinions, explore their surroundings, and treated with respect. I attended the informational meeting at Meridian earlier this year and fell in love with their philosophy. The women who run the school are phenomenal. We have only been in school a few weeks but my boys LOVE it there. When pickup rolls around in the afternoon I have two happy kids that are excited to tell me about the amazing things they did at school. The other day my first grader asked me three times in the morning if we could leave for school yet. What?!?! They never, ever asked to go to school before Meridian. I understand the public school system is free and paying tuition is a financial stretch for families like ours but it is worth every penny. I truly believe providing them with an education from Meridian is a gift that will set them on a wonderful course to be successful as they grow. 

~ Tracy Bustrum

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