November 25, 2013


Application Requirements:

  1. Attend an informational meeting or tour.
  2. Complete the application.

You may also  download the PDF application, complete it and mail it to:
1507 E Valley Pkwy. Suite 3 – 489 Escondido, CA 92027.

We will notify you if your application has been approved and there is a spot for your student(s) at Meridian Academy.

Questions before you apply?

Student Application Form
Meridian will carefully review your application and notify you in a timely manner. We look forward to seeing your student(s) at Meridian Academy.
Applicant’s Information
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Family Information
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What are your child’s school-related and after-school interests and activities (music, art, athletics, hobbies, talents, clubs, organizations, and/or other special interests)?
Briefly describe your child’s present school experience, including your child’s attitude toward school.:
What do you hope a Meridian Academy education will provide for your child?:
Why do you think Meridian Academy and your child would be a good match?:
Briefly describe your child’s medical history. If a physician, psychologist, counselor, or therapist is currently treating your child, please indicate the nature of that treatment (including medication, allergies, or any other physical limitations).:
Please add any additional statements regarding your personal educational philosophy, your impressions of Meridian Academy, or other matters you consider pertinent to this application.: